Stanford Entrepreneurs

From the Stanford Business Magazine comes a good article about four of the school's many entrepreneurs.

In the high-tech euphoria of the late nineties, a number of Business School graduates started companies right after or just before graduation as an expanding business press wrote stories that made some into overnight rock stars. These days, graduates tend to go to work for others, just as they did in Beal's Class of '79. A 1997 alumni/ae survey indicates, however, that Stanford is one of the most entrepreneurial of business schools: Fully one third of those responding said they eventually started a business, says Mary Burnham, staff codirector of the School's Center for Entrepreneurial Studies. At this year's milestone 25th reunion, the Class of '79 heard from four such members of their own class. Attendees also were updated on how the School's Center for Entrepreneurial Studies has vastly expanded the resources for those who want to try to start their own company.

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