Starbucks CEO Howard Shultz is using tech to encourage employees to vote

Howard Schultz urges employees to get out and vote

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz wants to help increase the US voter turnout in the general election and he’s doing that with the help of internet tech.

In a letter Schultz sent to the company’s 150,000 employees Monday, he unveiled a new website staffers can visit in order to register to vote.

In his letter he urged his employees to get out and vote, noting that “fewer than 60% of eligible voters cast ballots in the 2012 national election.”

The site is operated exclusively for Starbucks by, a nonprofit website that teams up with civic organizations to help people vote.

“Just visit the TurboVote site and in a few minutes, you can register to vote and sign up for important reminders to stay informed about local and national elections,” Schultz wrote.

Starbucks will cover the cost of any mailings TurboVote sends to employees, such as absentee ballots.

During a February forum Schultz was asked “what Starbucks could be doing to elevate citizenship in our country.”

Schultz is no stranger to launching hot button initiatives at Starbucks. From minimum wage and gun laws to race relations, he has never shied away from hard stances on certain topics.

“Our intention is nonpartisan, and it is simple: by helping to increase voter registration participation,” Schultz said, “we believe more people will have an opportunity to make their voices count.”

Written by Lisa Huyhn

Lisa Huyhn

Lisa Huyhn is the Politics and Military & Defense Editor at BusinessPundit. She is a fiercely independent voter who believes in full transparency in politics & general government activities. You can reach her at Refinance Student Loans.