This Map Shows Which States Have The Same GDP As Entire Countries

The United States has an enormous GDP. Sometimes it is easy to forget just how big spending in the USA has become. To highlight the wealth found in the United States, American Enterprise Institute’s Mark Perry¬†created a map that shows which states have the same GDP as entire countries.

America’s $16.7 trillion economy is huge and while it may no longer be the largest in the world, the breakdown by state is pretty staggering.

US Map States and GDP

The largest economy in the United States is Californnia, which brings in $2.05 trillion. In comparison, all of Brazil features a GDP of just $2.25 trillion. California features 38.8 million residents, while Brazil is home to more than 200.4 million residents.

If California was its own country it would it would be the 10th most wealthy economy in the world.