Stephen Curry is feeling optimistic about playing in game 3

Stephen Curry may be ready to return

The Golden State Warriors have done a great job in the NBA playoffs, despite losing their star player, Stephen Curry, for most of their start.

The Warriors finished off the Houston Rockets in the first round and won Game 1 of the second round against the Portland Trailblazers.

With that being said, they are definitely ready to welcome back Curry when he is ready to return from his knee injury.

In an in-game interview with ESPN during Sunday’s Game 1 against the Blazers, Curry said he thinks his chances of playing Game 3 on Saturday are “pretty good.”

“To me [the chances of playing Game 3] are pretty good,” Curry said. “I’ll do everything I can this week to make that happen.”

While he is feeling pretty good, Curry is also cautiously optimistic.

“I’ve got pretty much the full range of motion back. It’s still painful, but for the most part I can get on my feet and start to do¬†basketball activities that will get me back right to a playoff atmosphere.”

Curry hasn’t started running on his injured MCL sprain, but he admits that could happen on Monday.

After he was diagnosed with the MCL sprain the Warriors said they would re-evaluate their star player in two weeks.

ESPN’s Brian Windhorst later said he believed the Warriors were thrilled with Curry’s prognosis and that he could return sooner. Curry admitted that same optimism last week.

With the Warriors holding their own in the first two rounds of the NBA playoffs, they are not likely to rush back their star player. Although i’m sure Curry is constantly weighing his return against the pain he is still feeling.

Written by Peter Mondrose

Peter Mondrose

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