Stephen Curry Net Worth, Salary, Sponsorship, & Future Earnings

Stephen Curry Net Worth

Stephen Curry’s net worth is climbing as he continues to dominate the NBA.

Curry is currently earning $11.4 million per season after singing a 4-year $44 million contract with the Golden State Warriors in 2013. His net worth has also been helped along by more than $10 million in annual endorsement deals.

Stephen Curry’s net worth is guaranteed to grow at a rapid rate thanks to his $5 million per year deal with athletic apparel company Under Armour — a contract that includes an undisclosed equity stake in the company.

Stephen Curry Net Worth - 2016

Determining Stephen Curry’s net worth isn’t easy. says he’s worth $12 million while estimates $14 million and pushes the limit closer to $20.5 million.

Those numbers don’t take into account endorsement deals, and fees associated with his profession including agent, PR, attorney, and other day-to-day operational fees and taxes.

Stephen Curry’s net worth skyrocketed after the 2010 season.

Curry started in the 2009-2010 season with a salary of $2.7 million but will be paid $11.4 million for the 2015-2016 season.

Curry’s net worth has reached a combined $44.6 million in salary since his rookie year and an estimated $26 million in lifetime endorsement money, bringing his total earnings to $70 million.

With all of that money there are plenty of bills and fees to be paid. Curry has a lifetime estimated tax bill of $37 million. We estimate he has also paid a 10% expenses rate, and has given back $1.5 million for investments.

Based on those loosely translated numbers, Stephen Curry’s net worth is somewhere in the ballpark $27 million.

It’s not hard to see why Stephen Curry’s net worth continues to skyrocket. Just check out some of the amazing plays he pulled off during the 2015 NBA season.

Stephen Curry’s net worth is likely to continue its meteoric rise. In December 2015 he signed a new endorsement deal with Brita. The company is using Curry to promote its pitcher and bottle products with national television ads, digital marketing, in-store displays, social media, and public relations efforts.

In September 2015 Curry renegotiated his Under Armour deal, previously worth $4 million per year. His new contract with the company extends through the 2024 NBA season.

Curry was also given an undisclosed equity state in Under Armour. The company is now the second largest athletic apparel retailer in the world, behind only Nike. With sales expected to reach $7.5 billion by 2018, even a small equity share in the company could be worth hundreds of millions in added earnings.

Stephen Curry’s net worth has been padded by further deals with Degree, Express, State Farm and Muscle Milk. He also hawks JBL headphones.

Curry is only 7 seasons into his NBA career and with his dominance on the court he’s likely to sign more endorsement deals and earn an even bigger contract when his current deal expires.

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