Steve Jobs’ Business Model

Steve Jobs got a lot right. Building an amazing team of people at Apple was probably the #1 thing he did. When building any business you have to surround yourself with amazing bright intelligent people with greater or equal drive then you have.

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  1. Idgarad's Gravatar Comment by Idgarad on April 23rd, 2012 at 4:46 pm

    Riiight…. Lets see piggyback Woz’s work, put your own name on every patent the company made, screw over some of your brightest people, pay them a pittance for creating products like the iPod, fire two of your engineers that invented 1/2 of your products when they want to be put on the patent also (but hell you had no problem putting your name on the filing). Jobs, a great, perhaps the greatest salesman, and the second biggest asshole in tech.

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