Steve Kerr’s brutally honest comments about Stephen Curry’s ankle injury are refreshing

Stephen Curry and honest comments from Steve Kerr

Stephen Curry’s ankle injury has been a big topic of discussion, even as the Golden State Warrior’s lead the Houston Rockets 2-0 in their playoff series.

Curry tweaked his ankle in Game 1, playing only a few moments in the second half before exiting the game. The seriousness of his injury was even more realized when he couldn’t even make it through warmups ahead of game two.

Warriors coach Steve Kerr was asked after the game if the Warriors’ 2-0 series lead gives them more time to be cautious with Curry. His answer was refreshing.

“Well, that’s a good question. I’d like to think if it were 1-1 and he was still not able to play, we wouldn’t play him. We’d never want to put winning ahead of a player’s career and his health. We’ve seen teams do that and paid for it. Players have paid for it in the past. So we want to make sure Steph is right and his foot is fine and healthy.

“So we’ll see how he responds the next couple of days, and if he’s not right obviously being up 2-0 does give us more cushion if we decide to sit him. But it will be based on his health, not the series score.”

Kerr says it was Curry himself who made the decision to sit out of game 2.

Kerr then noted that some players, most notably Grant Hill, hurt their careers by not taking immediate care of their health.

“[Curry] understands we have, first of all, his best interests at heart — his career. We know that he had surgery on that ankle four years ago. He has a lot of basketball ahead of him. There’s plenty of cases in the past where people played through stuff, and it didn’t turn out so well — Grant Hill being the one that always jumps out at me — and whether that’s the same type of thing as this, I don’t really know. But I do know that we have to look after his health because the competitor that he is, he’s going to want to play.”

The Warriors will likely need Curry to play as the playoffs progress. The more he can sit out now with a 2-0 lead, the better off he will be.

It’s nice to see a coach putting his player ahead of the team and winning — even in the playoffs.

Written by Peter Mondrose

Peter Mondrose

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