Study Says You Would Rather Have Your Nude Pics Leaked Instead Of Financial Info

Financial Data Versus Nudity

When it comes to modesty and money the average American would much rather protect their money. A new study by MasterCard found that more than half of respondents would rather have naked pictures of themselves leaked online than have their financial information stolen.

The study also found that 62% of people were more worried about having their email hacked. 59% of respondents said they were most worried about having their home broken into.

77% of respondents reported feeling anxious about the prospect of having their personal financial information stolen or compromised.

Nine in 10 felt like they took precautions to protect their financial information while only 54% made the effort to regularly change their passwords for online financial accounts, and another 44% made the mistake of using the same password for multiple accounts.

While online information attacks have been reported on a growing basis, the study found that most respondents actually felt optimistic about their financial security. Respondents were most pleased with the ability to complete transactions using a variety of different options in the digital age.