Successful Retailing

Here is a look at five successful retailers, and what they are doing right. I like the stuff about ESPN Zone:

When you step foot into any of ESPN Zone's eight locations, you know you've entered a place like no other. Huge HDTV screens broadcast nonstop sports, an enormous glacier wall tempts you to climb to the top, and interactive sports games urge you to compete.

This is a world where the ESPN brand is king, and you never forget it. From live ESPN TV and radio broadcasts from the restaurant to its aptly named Season Ticket Holder frequent dining card, the establishment is a veritable shrine to the sports-frenzied fan.

ESPN Zone understands the connection it has with its core audience of males between the ages of 25 and 39. Its menu boasts the ESPN Burger, the Zone Cheesesteak and a full pound of chicken wings. Visitors, of course, have ample opportunity to purchase branded merchandise, allowing them to become walking billboards.

I have been to the ESPN Zone in D.C., and I thought it was pretty cool, but I love caesar salad, which I don't think they had, so that's a strike against them in my book.

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