Superheroes Deliver What It Takes

What does it take to differentiate your product in an established business model?  What can you do to avoid competing on price alone?  Galactic Pizza founder Peter Bonahoom proves that you can cash in on creativity.

Customers of Minneapolis pizza place are greeted at the door by delivery drivers dressed as superheroes.  New employees play along by creating their own alter ego.  Current superheroes include Captain Awesome, Captain Organic, Flying Squirrel, General Statement, Italian Scallion, Merman, Pink Thunder, and Weather Man.  Then custom designed costume are crafted by a local seamstress.  I suppose if you’re going to wear tights in public, you want to have some input.

The role play might be enough to get some attention, but Bonahoom goes further.  He’s taken a stance on green pizza – not pesto flavored, but environmentally friendly delivery.  All Galactic Pizza pies arrive via electric cars.  The commitment to electric cars does not come without a price.  They break down often.  Bonahoom says there’s a market for a reliable electric vehicle big enough to carry deliver people and pizzas.  He may be just the man to develop it.  Or would that be you?

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All this and organic ingredients too.  These strategies work together to create a unique identity for Galactic Pizza that is difficult to copy.  But can you craft a plan like this?  Hm, what would get attention for my pizza place?  I know!  Superheroes and green cars! Maybe.  More likely, Bonahoom worked the other way around, following his passions and then figuring out a way to fold them into his business plan.  I’m pretty sure this guy would be David’s superhero.

What do you care about that is totally separate from your business right now? 
How could you integrate that into your existing business? 
Is there a new business you could start based on something you love?