Surprising Facts About Gold

Sometimes I learn new facts that surprise me, and in this infographic called All The World’s Gold from the website Number Sleuth there were quite a few things that I learned.

Here are some of the more interesting facts about gold that we learned from this infographic:

– All the gold in the entire world could fit inside about 3 Olympic sized swimming pools. And unlike paper, it can’t just keep getting printed.

– There are about 5 gold rings worth of gold per person on the earth (~7 billion people = ~35 billion gold rings)

– The vast majority of gold is used as jewelry (as opposed to investments)

– India consumes more than six times as much gold as the US

– China consumes more than three times as much gold as the US

– The US national debt is more than the value of all the gold in the world

All The World's Gold
From: Number Sleuth

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