Surprising Facts About The 2012 Presidential Campaign

This year’s presidential campaign is turning into an actual race with Mitt Romney recently passing Obama in the polls. A few months ago, most expected the incumbent to easily win this election, but with a struggling economy, it is not clear that that is going to happen.

Here is some recent poll data that may surprise some:


– Only 20% of poll respondents say that the religion of the candidate affects their vote
– 60.7% of respondents had reservations about Mitt Romney
– Over 50% of respondents disapprove of President Obama
– 55.4% believe the new health care bill will have positive effects
– 52.8% believe that the country is heading in the wrong direction

Despite the polls, InTrade still has President Obama at 57% for winning the election, and Romney only at 41%.

Nate Silver at FiveThirtyEight has Obama at 67.9% for a win and Romney 32.1%

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