Survey in April – Win BIG!

We are launching our survey contests today – your chance to win one of three great Hardcover Books.


The first book is “The World is flat – brief history of the twenty-first century” written by the Pulitzer Price laureate Thomas L. Friedman.

Then we also have to hand out “The Singularity is near- When Humans Transcend Biology ” authored by Ray Kurzweil.

And last but not least “The Great War for Civilization: The Conquest of the Middle East” by Robert Fisk.

The rules are pretty simple and the survey is easy, more than easy…
It’s just a matter of spending 3 mins max.

Your responses will help us a lot in building a better blog that caters exactly to your needs.

What you need to do:
Take the survey and enter your email there – The email will never be used for any marketing purpose – only to elect the winner. We’ll pick a random e-mail from all the entries we’ll receive.

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Some terms:

  • Please only fill out the survey once
  • Fill out the complete survey
  • Don’t forget to fill in your name and address at the end of the survey
  • All countries are eligible, we also bear shipping but no customs
  • The contest will run ’till the end of April

Thank you very much for completing this survey. We will keep our fingers crossed, that you are one of the happy winners!