Switching To Mac is Great

UPDATE #3: Ok. Ok. I give up. Macs are wonderful. Anyone that doesn't use them is an idiot. Bloggers should only post their opinions and experiences when they are pro-Mac. There is no such thing as anti-Mac because if you don't like a Mac then the problem is with you, not with the Mac. Please please stop sending me email. I've changed the title of the post to be pro-mac.

A few weeks ago I bought a Mac. I know several people that speak highly of them, and they seemed to have some cool features. Three weeks into it, I would say that if you are considering it, don't waste your time. It's all bells and whistles, and functionally, they don't offer any advantages over a PC.

For starters, they aren't intuitive at all. Everything is graphics driven and Apple seems to want to avoid using text whenever possible. The fact that there is no right click button on the touch pad has to be the single worst design decision anyone has ever made. My guess is that they did it just to be different, as I can't imagine a scenario that makes it somehow more useful.

The delete button is a misnomer, as it's really just a backspace, and the machine runs 3x as hot as my Windows laptop. The book that it came with only contained technical information, and had nothing about how to navigate your way around the operating system.

Many of the arguments I hear for switching (no viruses, no crashes, etc) don't really apply to me. I haven't had a Windows virus in 5 years, and my laptop has only crashed once in the two years I've owned it. So from that perspective, I didn't gain anything by going to a Mac.

People also talk about all the cool widgets for Macs, but I've used those through Konfabulator on Windows since before Yahoo bought the company, so I don't really see them as all that impressive.

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Now, some of you are probably thinking that I just need more time, that I love Windows or whatever, but I can tell you I've used Unix and Linux, and I find all flavors of those operating systems easier to use and more intuitive than Mac's O/S.

So if you are contemplating a switch to Mac, I would say think carefully about whether or not you will really benefit. The downtime for me to learn a new operating system hasn't been worth it. There are some benefits, like iMovie and a few other programs not available for PC, but overall, I would say that if you are an experienced Windows user with decent security precautions in place, save your time and your money and stick with a PC. Macs aren't bad, they just aren't any better than PCs.

UPDATE: Read the comments if you get a chance. They are absolutely hilarious, and show that most people didn't even read the post. I especially like the ones about how I'll be slammed with security issues, even though I never those on a PC.

UPDATE #2: I must have received more emails with the "F" word in the last 24 hours than I have received in the rest of my life put together. My anecdotal research seems to show that using a Mac makes you hateful.

And what is up with everyone talking about the mouse? I said the touchpad in my post. I'm complaining about the lack of a second button below the touchpad. For those of you nice enough to send suggestions and links to downloads rather than nastygrams, thank you.