T-Mobile CEO John Legere says his ‘sad life’ is fueling T-Mobile’s rise

John Legere

T-Mobile CEO John Legere often wakes before his fellow employees and completes his day at work long after they have left the office.

Legere attributes his “sad” life of constant work to T-Mobile’s recent rise above Sprint Wireless.

“It’s something I’m doing every minute of the day,” Legere told CNNMoney. “It’s all I do. When I sit alone at a bar, I do Twitter. Maybe that’s a little sad. But my peer CEOs would never do it, because it’s way too hard and very unglamorous.”

Even when he’s not at the office Legere is known for spending large amounts of time on Twitter, conversing with more than 2 million followers. The Twitter superstar has sent more than 17,500 tweets since May 2013. He doesn’t just talk shop, he opens up about his shopping and cooking habits, his love of running, and even engages in nasty Twitter battles with Donald Trump.

More importantly, he is known for personally answering customer service complaints on Twitter, even as he runs the third-largest mobile network in America.

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Starting today, if you use the #tweetjohn, a smiling Legere emoji will show up next to the hashtag. That’s how much time he spends on the social network.

Legere believes his long hours behind the keyboard is a main reason for T-Mobile’s rise over the last several years.

He has even pitched some of the company’s best ideas on social, including the ‘Data Stash” monthly rollover program and the “Binge On” unlimited video deal.

“I have a much more precise pulse on what’s happening, even with individual customers,” Legere tells CNNMoney. “I’ll have an interaction with an anonymous person, and their mind is blown that I’m handling this issue.”

Of course Legere isn’t the only workaholic in tech. Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey is known to spend upwards of 18 hours a day between his two publicly traded companies.

Written by John Howard

John Howard

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