Taco Bell’s newest taco is made with a fried chicken shell

taco bell naked chicken

Taco Bell is currently testing a new product that replaces its taco shell with fried chicken.

The “Naked Chicken Chalupa” was recently spotted at a Taco Bell in Bakersfield, California and reported by BuzzFeed News.

The company started the test as the “Naked Crispy Chicken Taco” last September, before expanding the test to locations in Kansas City in April.

The Naked Chicken Chalupa is stuffed with lettuce, tomato, cheese, and avocado ranch sauce.

“We were getting feedback like, ‘It’s so healthy. It’s so fresh,” Kat Garcia, Taco Bell’s senior manager of marketing, told BuzzFeed News. “That really surprised us because it’s fried chicken.”

The move is reminiscent of KFC’s Double Down, which launched in 2010. While that sandwich experienced some initial success, many experts believe that consumer perceptions of the chain changed for the worst as rumors of “frankenchickens” started to surface.

The Naked Chicken Chalupa may seem like a good idea in the short-term, but it will be interesting to see how consumers react over time.

Written by Tammy Johnson

Tammy Johnson

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