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  • Airbus A350 and Emirate Airlines

    Emirates Delays Airbus A350 Order Over Performance Concerns

    Emirates Airline, the world’s biggest long-haul airline, has decided to delay any future orders of the Airbus A350. The airline says it can’t compare performance between the A350 and Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner, until more of the jets are in service at competing airlines. Emirates scrapped the order of 70 planes in 2014 after concluding that […]

  • Airbus Sells 17 Billion in planes to Chinese Company

    Airbus Just Sold 130 Jets To A Chinese Company For $17 Billion

    Airbus on Thursday announced that it has sold 130 commercial jets in China in a deal worth $17 billion. The sale was completed after Boeing’s biggest competitor sat down for discussions with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Chinese Premier Li Keqiang in Germany. The jets are being purchased by China Aviation Supplies Holding Company, an aircraft […]

  • Lufthansa First Class Air Quality

    This Airline Is Offering ‘Better Air’ To First Class Passengers

    If you are flying on German airline Lufthansa I would highly recommend a first class seat if you can afford such luxury. The airline has announced that first class passengers are now being given access to superior air quality. The company has installed humidifiers in the first class of its Airbus A380s, bringing air quality up to […]

  • Qantas Emergency: Airbus A380 Still Working Out Kinks

    A Qantas A380 with 489 passengers and crew on board made an emergency landing today when one of the plane’s Rolls-Royce engines failed shortly after takeoff from Singapore’s Changi airport. Qantas has grounded all of its A380 flights until it figures out the cause of the engine failure and why the housing on the back […]