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  • Spirit Airlines is most hated in America

    This is the worst airline in America based on customer satisfaction

    Spirit Airlines might be the cheapest airline in America but it’s also the worst in terms of customer satisfaction. The low-cost carrier had the lowest score in this year’s American Customer Satisfaction Index’s travel report. The company scored a 62 out of 100 on the index. While a 62% would be a failing grade in many […]

  • Malaysia Airlines

    Malaysia Airlines CEO quits in the middle of his turnaround plan

    Malaysia Airlines CEO Christoph Mueller took the company’s top job in May 2015 and he’s leaving less than half way through his three-year contract. Mueller will step down in September 2016. After Malaysia Airlines lost two passenger plans in 2014, the company was struggling to go profitable and maintain its customer base. The disappearance of flight […]

  • Customer complaints against airlines

    Here’s proof US airlines can’t win against customer complaints

    It’s been a good year for US airlines. They are losing less bags, arriving on time more than ever, and delivering less overbooked flights. Despite blazingly good results, customers are continuing to file a record number of complaints. Traveler complaints jumped 34% last year, to the highest level since 2000. Customer complaints were led mostly […]

  • Alaska Airlines

    Virgin America purchased by Alaska Air for $2.6 billion

    Alaska Air Group has come to terms to buy Virgin America for $2.6 billion, the airlines announced on Monday morning. Alaska Air will pay $57 per share following a giant leap in Virgin America’s stock price after it announced two weeks ago that it would seek out a buyer for its American operations. Including debt and […]

  • American Eagle

    Severe turbulence sends American Eagle crew to the hospital

    Two cabin crew members were hospitalized after severe turbulence aboard an American Eagle flight send a beverage cart crashing into the jet’s ceiling. Flight 3358 was en route from Dallas-Fort Worth to Memphis, Tennessee, when it was diverted to Little Rock, Arkansas, on Wednesday. According to one witness, the beverage cart flew into the air […]

  • US airlines ready to fly flights to Cuba

    US airlines sign up to deliver Cuba flights

    All of the major US airlines have signed up to fly flights to Cuba. American Airlines, Alaska Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Southwest Airlines, United Airlines and JetBlue have submitted applications to the US government requesting the right to fly commercial flights to the communist led country. The government will allow 20 daily round-trip flights between the US and Havana and […]

  • Airlines offering Zika Virus Refunds

    Airlines are offering refunds for Zika virus outbreak areas

    Airlines are starting to offer refunds to passengers who were preparing to travel to countries in central and south America where the Zika virus outbreak has taken hold. The relatively new mosquito-borne virus is connected with a neurological disorder that results in babies being born with abnormally small heads. There is currently no medical treatment […]

  • Winter storm 2016 flight cancellations

    6,000 flights have been canceled, here’s what you need to know

    As blizzards prepare to batter the East Coast of the US this weekend, major airlines are starting to cancel thousands of flights. According to the airline-tracking service FlightAware, airlines have canceled more than 6,000 flights both domestically and internationally. Roughly 3,000 flights were canceled Friday and the same number are canceled for Saturday. The airports hit by […]