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  • The 10 Best Places to Follow Today’s Apple Event Live

    At 10am PST, Steve Jobs or Phil Schiller will unveil the iPad (iTouch? iTablet? iSlate?), the much-anticipated new Apple tablet computer, in San Francisco. If you need up-to-the-minute coverage on Apple’s new touch creation, tune in to one of the websites below. (Apple won’t be broadcasting an official video.) Gizmodo’s Apple Tablet Event Liveblog Aside […]

  • Apple Wows Users with New iPod Nano, Upgraded iTunes

    A cool new iPod Nano, revamped iTunes, innovative home content sharing, and digital LP technology stole the show at Apple’s “It’s Only Rock and Roll” conference today. Steve Jobs himself appeared at the San Francisco event, much to viewer’s delight. Here’s a summary of the Apple show, based on what the folks at Engadget reported […]