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  • Apple Sales

    Apple posts profit as iPhone sales slow down

    Apple has posted the most profitable quarter in American history, but the company’s flagship iPhone devices are starting to experience slowed growth. Apple said it was the wrong time to have two-thirds of its sales come from outside the United States. “The challenging global macroeconomic environment is leading to constrained conditions unlike anything we’ve seen, everywhere we […]

  • Apple iPhone sales declining

    Apple is about to report its worst iPhone sales ever

    Apple is expected to report that iPhone sales increased by only slightly more than 1% during the holiday shopping season. If that number holds true it will mark the slowest period of iPhone growth during a holiday season. Analysts say the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus are facing weak demand, despite a record setting week […]

  • iPhone 7 Headphone Jack

    Apple iPhone 7 Might Ditch Its Headphone Jack

    The Apple iPhone 7 might be radically changed by the removal of the devices headphone jack. Apple is no stranger to ditching popular features for better tech options. In the 1990s it removed the floppy drive, eventually many Macbook’s removed the CD drive that proceeded floppies, and in 2012 Apple killed its own 30-pin connector […]

  • iPhone 4 Inch Monitor

    The Next iPhone Series May Offer A 4-Inch Option

    Apple may announce a new iPhone in 2016 that is smaller than the iPhone 6S Plus but bigger than the current iPhone 6S. According to a report from MacRumors, some customers have complained that the 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch iPhones are too difficult to use with one hand or to fit inside a pocket KGI Securities […]

  • Apple iPhone Sales numbers

    Apple Shares Skyrocket 31% On Stronger Than Expected iPhone Sales

    I’m not sure how but Apple has continued to find new ways to sell even more iPhones. The company’s shares skyrocketed by 31% on Tuesday after the company reported a 31% increase in profits for the last quarter. Apple was helped along by the iPhone 6S Plus and iPhone 6S and their heftier storage options […]

  • Apple iPhone

    The Next iPhone Could Remove A Major Feature

    Apple is reportedly overhauling the next version of its popular iPhone series and that overhaul will include the removal of the physical home button. Piper Jaffray’s Gene Munster wrote in a recent note picked up by Barron’s that the company will create an iPhone 7 with a new look meant to attract customers. According to the […]

  • Apple iPhone Market Share

    Apple Is Taking Over More Of The World’s Smartphone Market

    Apple is continuing to take over more of the global market share in the smartphone sector. A new report issued by Gartner, Inc., on Thursday shows the company growing its dominance for the second quarter of 2015. While the company’s continues to find new customers for its iPhone lineup, the report also showcases a slowdown […]

  • Verizon Wireless No Longer has 199 Dollar iPhones

    Verizon Wireless Just Changed Apple’s Entire Marketing Strategy In One Awesome Move

    The Apple iPhone 16GB version doesn’t cost $199. Sure that is what the average consumer pays with a two-year contract, however, the device actually costs $649 or more. Essentially, Verizon Wireless and other U.S. carriers subsidize the smartphone because a customer agreed to use a certain wireless service for two years. On Friday, Verizon Wireless announced […]

  • Apple iPhone Colors and Chinese Customer Preferences

    Apple iPhone Colors Are Chosen Based On Chinese Consumer Interest

    iPhone colors are chosen by the preferences exhibited by Chinese customers according to Apple CEO Tim Cook. During an interview with the Chinese edition of Bloomberg Businessweek, Cook said the company is regularly attempting to cater to Chinese tastes. Cook pointed to the gold iPhone which was first introduced in China because of interest shown […]