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  • Bank of America CEO Pay Raise

    Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan gets a pay raise

    Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan is reaping the benefits of a very strong year at the bank. The bank has awarded Moynihan with $16 million after its profits nearly doubled under his supervision. The Washington Post reports that his compensation is up around 23% for the year. Moynihan’s new compensation for 2016 includes a […]

  • Bank of America

    US consumer banks are slashing jobs and closing branches

    Fourth quarter earnings reports from Bank of America and Citigroup show that the banks slashed nearly 20,000 jobs or approximately 4% to 4.6% of their workforce. JPMorgan Chase reported cuts of 6,700 employees. It wasn’t just employees getting the ax, banks are also closing down their least used branches. JPMorgan shut down 3.4% of its […]

  • Fidelity ditches Amex and Bank of America

    Fidelity will no longer carry credit cards from Amex and Bank of America

    Fidelity Investments is ending its long-time credit card partnership with American Express and Bank of America Corp. The 12-year partnership has generated billions of dollars in fees. Instead, Fidelity has agreed to partner with US Bancorp and Visa, effective Monday. The exclusive alliance will provide Visa branded credit card products to US consumers, including Fidelity […]

  • Bank of America

    Bank of America To Pay $355 Million For Mortgages, MERS

    Bank of America Corp. has agreed to pay $335 million for misleading shareholders about its exposure to risky mortgage securities and its dependence on an electronic mortgage registry known as MERS. The settlement was reached in federal court. The company disclosed the $355 million settlement during its SEC filing for quarterly earnings on Friday. The […]

  • World Default Debt Risk

    National Debt Risk From Around The World: Safest To Most Likely To Default

    The world’s largest countries carry with them their own levels of national debt and each of those countries have varying levels of default risk. The team at Bank of America put together the ‘Transforming World Atlas” project which features various infographics about the state of each country. One of those infographics specifically examines the world’s […]

  • Bank of America CFO Bruce Thompson Resigns

    BofA CFO Bruce Thompson Exits During Management Shake Up

    Bank of America CFO Bruce Thomspon, 41, is being removed from his post. The company announced on Wednesday that it would be replacing its chief financial officer and several other executives as part of a company-wide management shakeup. News of the move arrives just months after BofA barely scraped by during a U.S. Federal Reserve stress […]

  • User Interface and Site Usability – Brands Who’ve Done It Right

    How many times have you clicked on a search result only to land on a page that’s just not user friendly? If you’re like most Internet users, it’s a regular occurrence. And, like most, you probably click that back button within seconds. However, when you find a site that has a great interface and you […]

  • Bank of America Reduces Some Homeowners’ Debt

    Bank of America is starting an invite-only program that forgives you of your mortgage debt. A small number of homeowners holding high-risk mortgages issued by Countrywide Financial will qualify for the program, which reduces your mortgage by up to 30%. Your mortgage amount must be 20% greater than the value of your home, you must […]

  • Bank of America Apologizes for Seizing Parrot

    Bank of America recently experienced a home seizure FAIL. The bank ransacked a woman’s home, padlocked her doors shut, and seized her parrot–by accident. The bank accidentally foreclosed on her home, even though her mortgage payments were up to date. She is rightfully suing them. ABCNews has the story: Angela Iannelli returned home one day […]

  • Lehman Bros., Merrill Lynch, Icebergs, and Voters

    Calling today Black Monday would be somewhat unoriginal. The day, which promises to be a pivotal one in US economic history, has only just begun. So far, it’s looking like a Funeral Monday, with the fates of three major Wall Street players–Lehman Bros. (bankrupt), Merrill Lynch (bought by Bank of America), and insurance company AIG […]