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  • ATM Fees at all time highs

    Here Are The Cities With The Lowest And Highest ATM Fees

    Americans are paying record-breaking ATM fees at machines not affiliated with their own bank. According to an annual study by Bankrate, the average cost for taking out money has climbed to $4.52 per withdrawal. That charge is up 21% over the past five years as banks seek out new ways to raise money following new […]

  • Hudson City Savings Bank Fine

    New Jersey Bank Slapped With $33 Million Discriminatory Lending Fine

    A New Jersey-based bank has agreed to pay a $33 million settlement after it was found to have engaged in discriminatory lending. According to the Department of Justice and The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Hudson City Savings Bank avoided giving credit access to customers who lived in minority neighborhoods — a practice known as “redlining.” […]

  • The Top 5 Shadiest, Scummiest Banks

      Share   It’s been a rough couple of years for banks in America and around the world.  First they suffered debilitating losses during the crash of 2008, and since have been criticized vehemently by the public and hounded by regulators. Just kidding — they’re actually raking in huge profits and still paying employees obscenely large […]