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  • Barack Obama and gun control laws

    Here’s President Obama’s plan to tighten controls for gun sales

    President Barack Obama has announced new controls for gun sales. On Monday the POTUS told the US Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to require those selling guns, whether at a flea market or online, to register as a firearms dealer and to perform background checks on gun purchasers. Obama’s directive arrives one month after […]

  • Federal Government Extends Time Allowed To Apply For Student Loans

    The Obama administration has extend the time allowed to apply for federal financial aid. Aspiring college students and those already working towards a degree in higher education, will be allowed to start the application process three months earlier. The White House on Sunday said students will be able to apply earlier and submit a previous […]

  • Climate Change Economy

    15 Economic Effects of Climate Change

    President Obama unveiled his Climate Power Plan on Monday, another step in his administration’s strategy of chipping away at climate change through piecemeal regulations since a legislative solution is not in the cards anytime soon. We looked at some of the ways in which the new rule, which sets state targets for reducing power plant […]

  • President Obama US Dollar Too Strong

    President Obama Didn’t Say ‘US Dollar Is Too Strong’

    President Barack Obama did not state that the “US dollar is too strong.” A French official recently told Bloomberg News that the president made his comment during a meeting at a Group of Seven industrial nations summit. “The president did not state that the strong dollar was a problem,” the US official said. “He made […]