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  • Boeing 747-8

    Boeing is cutting 747-8 production in half as demand slows

    Boeing said on Thursday it will cut production of its 747-8 jumbo jet in half and take a $569 million charge in the fourth quarter.  The four-engine jet is used mostly as a cargo plane. It has been replaced by many companies who prefer the fuel-efficient twin-engine jets for passenger travel. Boeing will continue to use […]

  • Airbus A350 and Emirate Airlines

    Emirates Delays Airbus A350 Order Over Performance Concerns

    Emirates Airline, the world’s biggest long-haul airline, has decided to delay any future orders of the Airbus A350. The airline says it can’t compare performance between the A350 and Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner, until more of the jets are in service at competing airlines. Emirates scrapped the order of 70 planes in 2014 after concluding that […]

  • Boeing Satellite Division

    Boeing Satellite Division May Cut ‘Several Hundred’ Jobs In 2015

    Boeing on Monday told its workers that it expected to cut as many as “several hundred” jobs in its satellite business through the end of 2015. The cuts are expected because of a downturn in U.S. military spending and delays in commercial satellite orders. The company notes that recent launch failures and uncertainty about the […]

  • Boeing 777ER Smaller Bathrooms

    The Boeing 777 Is Getting Even Smaller Bathrooms

    If you have ever shoved yourself into the bathroom on a jumbo jet you are probably well aware of just how crammed those restrooms can be. Boeing believes the laboratories on its aircraft are still too big, and the company is about to rectify the situation. The company’s popular 777-300ER wide-body airliners are being given a […]