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  • 5 Great Kindle Books To Help You Become A Better Manager

    The Kindle is a great electronic device that’s changed the lives of thousands of people. Now managers can take advantage of it by carrying around five of the best-selling books on management. Becoming a better manager not only gives you better job security, it could also lead to more promotions. Here are five great books […]

  • 3 Kindle Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read

    As an entrepreneur, you likely know that there are a plethora of books out there that can give you help running your business. There are, however, a few books that every entrepreneur should buy and load up on their Kindle, regardless of whether they are a long established businessman or just starting up their company […]

  • 4 Great Kindle Books on Investing

    Investing can be a rewarding, but sometimes scary, idea. When economic times are tough, many people turn away from conventional ways of investing because they are afraid of taking big loss. If you are ready to take on the risk to get a potential reward, there are plenty of great investment books on the market. […]

  • 15 Weird and Mysterious Books

    Amongst the many reasons to prefer a book over a file on your e-reader: books have history. Sometimes, the history is obvious and evident. A book might have memories attached to it, or sentimental value. Sometimes, however, the history is weird, twisted, and hidden. There’s an air of mystery to certain books, a thrill of […]

  • 25 Inventions That Changed the Way We Do Business

    Since the halcyon days of clubs and mammoth hides, we’ve been assigning roles, trading services, and strategizing in some capacity. In other words, doing business. Thanks to centuries of human invention, we no longer spear hunt our groceries. Instead, we buy prepackaged protein using a magnetic strip linked to multinational virtual banking systems. It’s a […]

  • The President Does Not Approve This Message

    Well, it’s here. Call it Black Friday for publishing. Some say that the Kennedy memoir, Dan Brown’s new book, and Oprah’s pick could make this week a record breaker for book sales. But one book in particular won’t be getting an extra special boost – a Presidential boost. ShelfLife reports that a quote from President […]

  • General Motors in Print: 4 Very Different Takes

    It may be the end of an era, but General Motors will live on. In a way, the history of a mammoth American corporation is like the history of America itself. Check out these titles to learn more about GM. My Years with General Motors, by Alfred Sloan – Personal account of Alfred P. Sloan […]