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  • Schlumberger

    Oil company fires 25,000 employees and pays CEO $18.3 million

    Oil company Schlumberger had a rough 2015. The company was forced to cut 25,000 jobs as the price of oil collapsed. Despite those declines CEO Paal Kibsgaard received total compensation worth $18.3 million in 2015 — down only slightly from $18.5 million the year before. The company was forced to cut 20% of its workforce and […]

  • Bank of America CEO Pay Raise

    Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan gets a pay raise

    Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan is reaping the benefits of a very strong year at the bank. The bank has awarded Moynihan with $16 million after its profits nearly doubled under his supervision. The Washington Post reports that his compensation is up around 23% for the year. Moynihan’s new compensation for 2016 includes a […]

  • Dunkin Donuts CEO

    Dunkin Donuts CEO Wants State By State Minimum Wage

    Dunkin Brands CEO Nigel Travis wants minimum wage discussions to remain at the state level. Travis discussed the $15 minimum wage with FOX Business Network’s Stuart Varney. “We are very focused on franchise economics and our franchisees and us have always been very clear that we fully support and encourage discussions about the minimum wage, […]

  • Lumber Liquidators new CEO

    Lumber Liquidators Hires A New CEO To Right The Ship

    Struggling flooring retailer Lumber Liquidators has hired longtime director John M. Presley as its new CEO. He will be tasked with helping the company recover from a major safety scandal that has badly damaged its stock price and sales. Lumber Liquidators’ founder, Thomas D. Sullivan, who has served as the acting chief since May 21 […]

  • Yum Brands

    Check Out This CEO’s $233 Million Retirement Package

    Nearly half of all American workers receive no retirement help in the form of a 401(k), a pension, or any other financial plan.   That isn’t a problem for America’s top CEOs, many of them receive huge paychecks and saving plans even if they are fired from their posts. One executive on the Fortune 500 […]

  • Target Quarterly Sales 2015

    Target Offers Quarterly Sales Outlook With A Mix Of Results

    Target has forecast disappointing sales for the upcoming quarter and said it expected consumer demand to remain choppy just as it did in the second quarter. America’s fourth-largest U.S. retailer reported a higher-than-expected quarterly profit and raised its full-year earnings forecast. The company cited a strong demand for clothing and other merchandise at the center of […]

  • CEO to Worker Pay

    CEOs In The UK Earn 183 Times More Than Their Workers

    If you want to earn 183 times more than your workers you should strive to become a CEO in the UK. According to the High Pay Center, a London-based think tank, inequality in CEO-to-worker-pay in the United Kingdom continues to increase. The study focused on chief executives of the top 100 listed companies in Britain. […]

  • 10 Celebrated Business Leaders Struck Down While In Their Prime

    Image Source The business world is fraught with risk. Market destabilization, unexpected losses and bad decisions, for instance, can all prove devastating to even the biggest company or richest entrepreneur. Rarely, though, are these risks life-threatening. While the following ten business leaders successfully overcame corporate challenges to rise to the top of their respective organizations, […]

  • The World’s 5 Youngest CEOs

      Share What does it take to be the World’s Youngest CEO? Marbles, apparently. A lot of marbles. At the age of 8, British “Marble King” Harli Jordean has recently been dubbed the World’s Youngest CEO, stripping 14 year-old Indian animation queen Sindhuja Rajaraman of her title. No joke, folks: The two youngest CEOs this […]

  • 12 Highest Paid People of 2009

    From CEOs to athletes to Hollywood actors and actresses, even these recessionary times are brimming with high achievers who left the rest of the earning world in their dust this year. In fact, for some of these individuals, 2009 proved to be their personal income peak.

  • Beware of Falling For Mystique

    Josh Kaufman posted a great piece last week about the dangers of falling in love with the idea of a job or other pursuit, while ignoring the day-to-day rigors of reality. Sure, we all would like to believe that the lives of Fortune 50 CEOs and world famous authors are nothing but huge paychecks, really […]