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  • Citigroup Paying 15 million dollar fine

    Citigroup Agrees To Pay $15 Million After SEC Files Compliance Violation Issues

    Citigroup Inc has agreed to pay a $15 fine after the SEC filed civil charges against the group for failing to implement procedures that would detect and prevent insider trading. The Securities and Exchange Commission accepted the settlement on Wednesday, marking the second time this week that Citigroup and its affiliates were hit with multi-million dollar […]

  • Citigroup Affiliates to pay 180 million dollars

    Citigroup Affiliates Agree To Repay $179.5 Million After Misleading Hedge Fund Investors

    Two Citigroup Inc. affiliates have agreed to pay $179.5 million after being charged by federal regulators for misleading investors in hedge funds that later collapsed. On Monday, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) announced the settlement with Citigroup Alternative Investments, a subsidiary of the bank, and Citigroup Global Markets, an affiliated company. The affiliates will […]

  • Glenn Arthurs, Chris Malof, Jay Blair and Wyatt Arthurs

    UBS Just Hired 4 Brokers Who Managed $2 Billion At Morgan Stanley

    UBS AG Wealth Management Americas on Tuesday announced that it has hired four Morgan Stanley brokers who managed more than $2 billion in client assets. Glenn Arthurs, Chris Malof, Jay Blair and Wyatt Arthurs, who worked together as the Arthurs Malof Group, joined UBS on Monday in Buffalo, New York. The four brokers generated more […]

  • Trading Revenue Gives Citi $4.4 billion Q1 Profit

    Citigroup posted a $4.4 billion Q1 profit today, the bank’s biggest profit since the beginning of the financial crisis. Like Bank of America and JP Morgan Chase, Citi raked in profits by borrowing at rock bottom interest rates, then investing that money into higher-yielding bonds, commodities, and other securities. The New York Times has more: […]

  • Government to Sell Citigroup Stake for $8bn Profit

    The US Treasury will sell its 27% stake in Citigroup this year. The Treasury announced this morning that it will sell its 7.7 billion shares, netting an estimated profit of more than $8 billion. BusinessWeek has the story: The sale would bring Citigroup a step closer to exiting the government’s Troubled Asset Relief Program and […]

  • CIT Files for Bankruptcy, First Loser in Government Bailout

    Image: Wikipedia Seeking Alpha’s Eli Hoffman puts yesterday’s CIT bankruptcy filing–the fifth largest in US history–in context: CIT Group (CIT) filed for bankruptcy protection Sunday with broad support from its debtholders, but taxpayers will lose the $2.3B invested in CIT, marking the first definitive loss in the government’s rescue of the financial system. Nearly 90% […]

  • Citigroup Buys $50 Million New Corporate Jet

    Image by Flickr user Shutterrudder Bad PR move, guys. The New York Post reports on Citigroup’s brand-spankin’-new Falcon jet: Beleaguered Citigroup is upgrading its mile-high club with a brand-new $50 million corporate jet – only this time, it’s the taxpayers who are getting screwed. Even though the bank’s stock is as cheap as a gallon […]

  • Citigroup Bailout: Saving the Ogre

    Lehman Bros. stockholders must be getting ready to file a class-action suite after this morning’s news (from MarketWatch): Citigroup shares jumped by more than 50% Monday morning after the U.S. government agreed to rescue the nation’s once largest bank and the pioneer of the one-stop-shop for business and consumer financial services in an eleventh-hour, $326 […]