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  • University of Virginia

    These 20 public colleges offer the best value for your money

    Kiplinger recently released its list of 300 best-value public and private schools, ranked based on quality. While it’s no surprise to see colleges like Stanford and Princeton at the top of the list, it’s also nice to see some public schools toward the top as well. Kiplinger ranks the schools on things like test scores […]

  • MIT - Best Colleges in America

    The 50 best colleges by state

    Every year U.S. college research company Niche compiles a list of the best public or private college in each state. This year the company looked at  1713 colleges in its database and ranked them based on more than just basic statistics. According to its website, This year the company looked at  1713 colleges in its […]

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    The 25 best colleges in America under $25,000 a year

    Choosing what college to attend is one of the most important decisions in any high schooler’s life. (Right behind deciding who to take to prom and what Instagram filter to choose). Students want to go to the best colleges but high college tuition rates have been an issue over the past decade, causing many students […]