2+ Million Cribs Recalled

Image: CPSC

The government recalled more than 2 million cribs today. The cribs, most of them drop side models, may entrap infants. Recalled cribs come from Evenflo, Delta, LaJobi, Million Dollar Baby, Simmons Juvenile Products, Jardine, and Child Craft. The Washington Post has more:

More than 2 million cribs from Evenflo, Delta Enterprise Corp. and five other companies were recalled Thursday amid concerns that babies can suffocate, become trapped or fall from the cribs.

Most of the cribs were drop-sides, which have a side rail that moves up and down so parents can lift children from them more easily. That movable side, however, can malfunction or detach from the crib, creating a dangerous gap where babies’ heads can become trapped, leading to suffocation or strangulation.

No deaths were linked to the recalled cribs, but there were more than 250 reports of drop-sides detaching or failing and at least 16 entrapments of infants. In one case, a child was found unconscious and later hospitalized.

In the announcement from the Consumer Product Safety Commission, all seven companies recalled drop-side cribs. Delta and Child Craft also acknowledged problems with fixed-side cribs.

The CPSC wants to ban drop-side cribs. They should–these things get recalled every few months for the same set of problems.

For more details on recalled crib models, visit the CPSC’s website.

For more information on where to buy safe cribs, check out The 15 Riskiest Baby and Child Products You Can Buy.

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