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  • Disney After Hours

    Disney ‘After Hours’ experiment has come to a quick end

    Disney After Hours is no longer available to customers willing to pay $149 a ticket. The program allowed customers to pay for the privilege to ride nearly two dozens rides after the Magic Kingdom’s most popular attractions had closed for day guests. Through six Thursdays in April and May and on Mother’s Day — Disney […]

  • Tom Staggs leaves Disney

    Disney’s No. 2 exec, Thomas Staggs, is leaving the company

    In a move that has pretty much surprised everyone, Thomas Staggs, the likely successor to Disney chairman and CEO Robert Iger, has announced that he is leaving the world’s largest entertainment company. Disney announced the departure on Monday. Disney said Staggs would step down as its chief operating officer early next month. Staggs, 55, was largely […]

  • Harrison Ford - Indiana Jones

    Harrison Ford to return as Indiana Jones in 2019

    Harrison Ford will reprise his famous role as Indiana Jones in a fifth installment of the film which will hit theaters on July 19, 2019. The movie will be directed by Steven Spielberg. Harrison Ford, who has played Dr. Jones since 1981’s “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” will be 77-years-old when the film is released […]

  • Disney Visa Class Action Lawsuit - Foreign workers

    Disney hit with two class action lawsuits for hiring foreign workers

    Disney Co. has been hit with two separate lawsuits after the company hired more than 300 workers on H-1B visas to replace part of its already established US workforce. Leo Perrero and Dena Moore say they were illegally replaced and that Disney told them to train their foreign replacements for 90 days or lose their […]

  • Star Wars The Force Awakens

    Star Wars: The Force Awakens won’t be the best picture at the Oscars

    “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” has been snubbed by the Academy Awards in the best picture category. The Disney helmed movie was nominated for five Academy Awards on Thursday morning including film editing, original score, and visual effects. The Star Wars sequel has already earned more than $1.7 billion worldwide, that’s more than the combined box office […]

  • Disney Shanghai

    Disney’s Shanghai theme park is ready for a 2016 debut

    Disney’s massive $5 billion Chinese theme park in Shanghai is set to open in five months. The company spent more than a decade planning and investing in the $5.5 billion location, a first for the company in mainland China. Disney will open the park on June 16. The Shanghai Disney Resort represents a major bet […]

  • George Lucas film for the fans

    George Lucas says he sold Star Wars to ‘white slavers’

    George Lucas sat down this week with Charlie Rose to discuss his true feelings about “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” and his thoughts about Disney’s take on his beloved classic. Lucas tells Rose he was against making the new movie “for the fans” and that he sold Lucasfilm to “white slavers,” referring to Disney. It […]

  • Disney Stock

    The Force Is Not With Disney Stock, Despite ‘Star Wars’ Records

    Star Wars: The Force Awakens took its long-awaited box office bow last night, and the early indications are that fans are piling into theaters in droves to see the latest adventures of a galaxy far, far away. But not everybody at Disney might be celebrating. Shares of the company’s stock are trading down 4% on […]

  • Disney ESPN Subscribers

    Disney Shares Down On Bad News For ESPN

    Shares of The Walt Disney Company were down in early Friday trading after its ESPN unit announced millions of subscriber losses. As of October 3, ESPN had three million fewer subscribers than a year prior, down to 92 million. While that’s still a hefty number, the drop is part of a longer term trend of […]