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  • Wal-Mart Drone Testing

    Wal-Mart Is Testing Drones For Home Delivery

    Wal-Mart Stores is the newest company to test drone-based delivery. The company on Monday filed with U.S. regulators for permission to test home delivery with the devices. Users would be able to receive products at home and experience the ease of curbside delivery. Wal-Mart also plans to use the drones to check warehouse investories. The […]

  • Drone Rules

    Drone Owners Will Soon Be Required To Register Their Devices

    The U.S. Transportation Department will soon require drone owners to register their devices with the U.S. government. The new registration program will go into effect before the end of 2016. The goal of the program is to end unsafe flights The department aims to convene a task force to figure out the specifics of the […]

  • The 10 Most Innovative Drone Applications Today

    Image Source Little known fact: the US government started experimenting with unmanned aerial vehicles (better known today as drones) back in 1917. Today they’re a multi-billion dollar industry, but they’ve yet to truly take off commercially in the U.S. Due to safety and privacy concerns, the FAA has yet to establish comprehensive rules for domestic […]