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  • Open Jobs In America

    5.6 million jobs are available in America

    There were 5.6 million open jobs in America in December, just shy of the 5.7 million record set in July, according to Labor Department data published Tuesday. While the job openings are good news for Americans looking for a job, it also shows concern that companies are faced with a job seekers market that could leave […]

  • Nigeria is going bankrupt

    Nigeria is quickly running out of money

    Officials in Nigeria are considering asking the World Bank, the African Development Bank, and other international fund holders, for help in fixing its budget after crude oil prices plunged by more than 75% in the last 18 months. The government said it is looking to borrow as much as $9 billion to fund its cash-starved economy. The 75% […]

  • Dow off to worse start since 1991

    The Dow is off to its worst start since 1991

    The Dow is off to its worst start in a quarter century. As China’s stock market crashed by 7% overnight and trading was halted, the Dow plunged by 320 points on Thursday before cutting its losses. The Dow is currently down about 150 points while the S&P 500 and Nasdaq are both down about 1%. […]

  • Dow Down in 2015

    Dow ends with worst year since 2008

    The Dow ended down 2.2% in 2015 — its worst performance since 2008. The S&P 500 also ended the year down 0.7%. It was the worst year for those two indexes since markets collapsed 7 years earlier. Tech companies helped the Nasdaq finish up 5.7%. Volatility was a key factor in the Dow’s decline in 2015. […]

  • Traffic and the US Economy

    A Strong U.S. Economy Means Traffic Jams And Commuter Headaches

    If you have to commute on a major highway or interstate every morning you have probably noticed an increase in traffic over the last few years, that’s because the U.S. economy has been improving. According to Yahoo Finance, as the U.S. economy improves, the U.S. dollar strengthens, and gas prices fall, more drivers are taking […]

  • 10 Nasty Side Effects of the Federal Government Shutdown

    The government shutdown wreaked havoc across many industries, and for many workers. The far-reaching effects signified the gravity of the current economic and political situation in the United States, leaving many on edge even after things were up and running again. That discomfort is certainly not unfounded, as even a few days’ shutdown caused serious […]

  • 10 Wildly Successful Businesses Thriving Despite the Economy

    Share While most of us are still trying to move past Ramen noodles and dry cereal, there are plenty of businesses that have continued to live large in the face of a less-than-fruitful economy. The 10 businesses on our list have withstood the test of time and taxes, and are making serious profits in several […]

  • 11 Ways America is Keeping Poor People Poor

      Share An ancient piece of common wisdom says the poor get poorer and the rich get richer (in fact it’s as ancient as the Bible).  We’ve all experienced this in small ways in our daily lives in the form of bank fees if our account falls below a certain minimum amount, or in the […]

  • 10 Reasons Overthrowing the Government Would Fix the Economy

    With revolutions all across the Arab world, riots spreading through Europe, and the continued persistence of the economic downturn, it seems like everyone’s coming to the consensus that perhaps the situation has become so unthinkably bad that previously unthinkable solutions might be necessary.  Government solutions to catastrophic economic collapse have rarely been neat or pretty, […]