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  • Stanford acceptance rate

    9 US colleges that are harder to get into than ivy league schools

    If you apply at Harvard, Columbia, Yale, and various other ivy league schools, there is a very good chance that you will not be accepted. Ivy’s are known for accepting well below 10% of all applicants, and typically students must achieve some very impressive testing scores and offer plenty of community involvement before they are […]

  • 10 Worthwhile Online Entrepreneurship Courses

    Image Source Whether through YouTube or a MOOC, it’s never been easier to get advice from top entrepreneurs on how you should start your own business. With the swelling ranks of quality entrepreneurialism-centered education available online, we thought we should throw in our two cents. Our courses range from free series of interviews with entrepreneurs, […]

  • 10 Best Online Course Platforms for Businesses

    Image Source There have been online course and custom computer-learning solutions for businesses for quite a while. But today there are literally hundreds of new online platforms you can choose from. Many offer subscription-based packages. They have a huge range of price points, and unsurprisingly a wide range of services, from hands-off video tutorials, to […]

  • 10 Ways College is Big Business

    Elite institutes of higher education like to brand themselves as places where students learn, grow, mature and philosophize. Oftentimes they seem above the nitty gritty of doing business, but in fact, that’s what most colleges and universities are: big businesses. There are plenty of voices out there advocating that these schools be run even more […]

  • Online PhD: How reddit is Influencing Your Education Choices

    Share Reddit has grown to be giant community of people who’s individual decisions collectively and filter out irrelevant content. This process of crowd sourcing can have a huge impact on your life and our society as a whole. Here are five surprisingly simple things on reddit that could influence your education choices. The State of […]

  • Tax Tip of the Week: Understand Your Education Benefits

    Isn’t it great when your employer subsidizes your higher education? Education is a wonderful benefit if you can get it and turning in that reimbursement form may feel great, but many employees are surprised when they find at the end of the year that they have been taxed for the value of tuition reimbursements. Employees are […]