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  • Tesla shares are sinking

    Tesla shares are getting destroyed

    Elon Musk and company are not having the greatest start to 2016. Shares at Tesla dipped 3% on Tuesday, marking a nearly 20% downturn since the start of the year. Shares at Tesla are now trading at $191, a far cry from the company’s $300 peak price in 2014. Tesla’s most recent share drop came […]

  • Tesla Model 3 and other electric cars that could be hurt by sinking oil prices

    Elon Musk says cheap oil will make electric cars ‘suffer’

    Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk says cheap oil is going to make the electric car industry “suffer.” “[The] industry as a whole, I think, will definitely suffer from lower oil prices,” Musk told CNN’s Kristie Lu Stout on Monday. “It just makes economic sense.” As oil prices plummet in the US, consumers flock to […]