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  • Amazon removes Hoverboards

    Amazon removes most ‘Hoverboards’ because they can burst into flames

    Amazon has pulled almost every version of “hoverboards” from its website. By Friday night 97% of all hoverboard listings were removed from the site according to manufacturer, Swagway. Hoverboards have come under fire in recent months after it was determined that certain models could explode and burst into flames because of malfunctioning batteries and plugs. […]

  • Hoverboard for sale

    Hoverboard Fraud Is Massive And It’s Getting Worse During The Holidays

    Right now is an awful time to be in the hoverboard selling business. Sellers of the popular two-wheeled, self-balancing boards, are being taken for thousands and sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars in fraudulent charges. BuzzFeed News has published a report involving numerous scams, based on documents apparently leaked from payment processor Stripe. “Chargeback” – […]