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  • Facebook Free Basics shut down in India

    Facebook’s ‘Free Basics’ internet has been blocked in India

    Facebook’s attempt to offer free internet access in India has been stopped by officials in the country. Telecom providers in the country were instructed on Monday to charge the same price for all content, dealing a crushing blow to “Free Basics,” a Facebook initiative that had come under constant and harsh¬†criticism from tech activists. “Free […]

  • Apple stores in India

    Apple requests permission to open stores in India

    The Apple Store¬†is hoping to make its debut in India. The tech giant has officially applied with the Indian government to open its first retail store in the country. With 1.2 billion people currently living in India, it marks a big new market for the smartphone manufacturer. An Apple spokesperson has confirmed the application, which […]

  • Facebook Free Basics

    India’s regulators want Facebook to stop spamming them with generic messages

    Facebook is attempting to offer free internet access to hundreds of millions of people in India through its “Free Basics” system. To accomplish that goal the social network has urged citizens to send a standard Facebook created message to regulators in the country. Officials at the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India are now asking Facebook […]