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  • Wal-Mart

    Walmart is losing in a crucial category that will determine its future

    Walmart is losing in a category that may ultimately determine the company’s future and overall profitability in an age of growing e-commerce. While Target has managed to post huge increases in its e-commerce business, Walmart has been sluggish in the same category and has actually been witnessing some troubling declines in sales. In the most […]

  • American Airlines and Gogo lawsuit

    Gogo shares rebound after American Airlines drops lawsuit

    American Airlines has dropped its lawsuit against in-flight WiFi provider Gogo, and the company’s shares jumped nearly 10% on Monday. The lawsuit filed by American Airlines included 200 of its aircraft. Gogo and American have a contract through 2018, however, the airline is hoping to receive an upgrade from its current 3G connections. Under terms […]

  • Opera Browser

    Chinese investors offer $1.2 billion to buy Opera browser

    A group of Chinese investors have offered $1.2 billion to acquire Opera Software. The group includes Chinese Internet firms Kunlun and Qihoo, backed by two Chinese private equity funds. Founded in Norway 20 years ago, the company features more than 350 million users who browse the web from its desktop and mobile software. Opera debuted at […]

  • Facebook Free Basics

    India’s regulators want Facebook to stop spamming them with generic messages

    Facebook is attempting to offer free internet access to hundreds of millions of people in India through its “Free Basics” system. To accomplish that goal the social network has urged citizens to send a standard Facebook created message to regulators in the country. Officials at the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India are now asking Facebook […]

  • WalMart Cyber Monday

    Walmart’s Cyber Monday Starts On Sunday

    Walmart is starting its Cyber Monday deals on Sunday, November 29, at 8 p.m. ET. Walmart.com CEO Fernando Madeira also said the company’s “quadrupling the number of Cyber Monday specials.” As the name suggests, most internet companies start their Cyber Monday deals on the Monday following Black Friday. Walmart claims that Cyber Monday was started […]

  • Comcast Data Caps in new cities

    Comcast Is Bringing Data Caps To More Cities

    Data caps will soon be coming to more Comcast customers in an ever increasing number of cities. Comcast has begun testing new tiers of data caps, which start at 300 GB a month and go up to unlimited, depending on the plan. Customers are charged $10 for every extra 50 GB they use over their plans […]

  • 10 Search Engines That Couldn’t

    Image Source It wasn’t long ago that the doors to the top of the search engine race were wide open. Before Google, Bing, and Yahoo! controlled almost all of search and advertising a host of unique search engine ideas were created. Some have survived, others acquired and shut down, and some ideas have resurfaced with […]

  • How Facebook Negatively and Positively Affects Businesses

    Sometimes it seems like Facebook’s sole use is as a bragging or whining platform. But for many businesses, Facebook has become an important part of an effective marketing plan. Facebook allows businesses to engage with users and develop an ongoing relationship with consumers. But as with any tool, Facebook can be misused and those who […]

  • 10 Most Controversial Pieces of Fine Print Ever

    No one wants to spend four hours reading through a mountain of fine print terms of service from iTunes, and then Instagram, and then Facebook, and then Amazon.com… and so on. As long as one can click ‘agree’ and forgo the legal jargon, fine print will forever be overlooked by the thousands who agree to […]

  • 10 Business Lamely Utilizing Internet Memes

    Meme-vertising — yes, that’s really a thing – is becoming an increasingly popular way for companies to reach young audiences. They take popular Internet memes and spin them in a way that’s useful for their brand. Well, sort of. Some do it brilliantly and some, quite frankly, should be a little ashamed of themselves. Here […]