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  • iOS 9

    Apple iOS 9 Is Crashing iPhones And iPads For Some Customers

    The Apple iOS 9 platform is now available for download and it’s crashing iPhones for some customers. Angry users took to Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms on Thursday to voice their disgust over failed upgrades occurring on their older model iPhones and iPads. “It is beyond inconvenient to not be able to use […]

  • Snapchat Update

    Snapchat Update Adds Multiple Emojis, Travel Mode and Trophy Case

    Snapchat just released another big update to its iOS and Android users today. The update includes a must-needed option in your settings to put the app into “Travel Mode” which disables the app from auto-loading content under the Discover page such as Stories. This was a big issue for the app as Snapchat would pre-load its Discover […]

  • Hangout sApp

    Hangouts App From Google Just Got a Huge Update

    The Hangouts app, Google’s messaging, video and voice call app, has just received a huge design update. The design update comes is part of Hangouts 4.0 which is an update that is released today for Android and was released last month for iOS. The most noticeable difference in Hangouts 4.0 is the use of Google’s Material […]

  • In the Beginning There Was Apple

    A long, long time ago…well, maybe just in the 1970s, Apple Computer, Inc. released the Apple 1, as well as incorporating the new company. This new computer was actually the offspring of the code-named Apple Lisa project, which Steve Jobs developed after he saw the Xerox technology in action. This little computer was the first to introduce the […]