4 Great iPad Apps for Business Travelers

While traveling, it is important to stay on top of business and get the most out of any trip. With the iPad, there are a number of apps that can help a person accomplish this and allow for some relaxation as well.

Dragon Dictation

Even on the iPad, it is a bit difficult to type out long notes or documents. This can be time consuming and frustrating as well. To simply and quickly create these files, one of the easiest methods would be through Dragon Dictation. The program is based on the Nuance platform and is one of the most effective programs when it comes to speech recognition. Dictated text can be edited right in the app if there are any adjustments or corrections that need to be made. After dictating, the text can be copied to the clipboard, emailed, sent as a text message or shared through Twitter or Facebook.


Not having easy access to files is often a frustrating thing while traveling. With Dropbox installed on the iPad, this should no longer be a problem. Files are easily and securely stored in a Dropbox account. These files can then be accessed through the iPad and other devices. If a change is made on the iPad, this file is then updated for all devices. With the Dropbox app, there is also an option for a public folder. This allows a person to share documents with other people. The other users do not even need to have a Dropbox account to access files shared with them.


Being able to keep track of those great ideas is essential for any business traveler. Evernote is the ultimate way to keep track of notes and all types of important information. For many people, their Evernote app is the center of their workspace. Everything flows from this point. Notes can be saved as pictures, audio files, text documents, web pages and more. This information is then organized into notebooks and the individual notes can be tagged for even more efficient organization. Notes and notebooks can be shared and all of the information on the app is synced across devices. A basic and free plan offers a limited amount of storage space. For power users, a monthly or yearly subscription may be a better option.


Finally, it is important to mention an app to be used when relaxing on a business trip. For anybody that is a reader, the Kindle app is a must. Books can be easily purchased and read on the iPad. There is no need to separately bring along the Kindle itself. It is usually best to stock up on the books before heading out on a trip. This will ensure that the books are ready to read whenever the mood strikes. There are also local guide books that could prove useful for particular trips.

While traveling, the iPad is a great tool for business and can help a person relax and unwind as well. Before heading out on your next trip, be sure to have these four great apps installed.

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