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  • Apple iPad Pro

    Apple iPad Pro Goes On Sale This Wednesday

    The Apple iPad Pro is going on sale this Wednesday. In an interview with CNNMoney, Apple Senior Vice President Eddy Cue, who has been using the device for months, said, “It’s actually the machine that I use everyday.”   Online orders will start on Wednesday and the devices will arrive in stores sometime later in the […]

  • Apple CEO Tim Cook

    Tim Cook Is ‘Still Bullish’ On Tablets Despite Sinking iPad Sales

    The Apple iPad is sinking and Apple CEO Tim Cook doesn’t believe there is cause for concern. During the company’s earnings call on Tuesday, Cook said he is “still bullish on the iPad,” despite slowing sales. According to Cook, “I think iPad upgrade cycle will eventually occur. We’re 6X greater in usage than nearest closest […]

  • 10 Must-Have Mobile Apps for Entrepreneurs

    An Apple iPad is arguably one of the most important productivity tools a busy, on-the-go entrepreneur can have — provided you have the right mobile apps installed. While Google Android-based tablets do have business and productivity apps, many of the best mobile apps appeared on the iPad first, or in some cases exclusively, and often […]

  • 4 Great iPad Apps for Business Travelers

    While traveling, it is important to stay on top of business and get the most out of any trip. With the iPad, there are a number of apps that can help a person accomplish this and allow for some relaxation as well. Dragon Dictation Even on the iPad, it is a bit difficult to type […]

  • 10 Unfair Myths Bitter Nerds Will Eventually Spread About Steve Jobs

    Share Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past month, you’ve undoubtedly heard about the death of a computing icon, a man who changed how we interact with the virtual world forever.  I’m talking, of course, about Unix creator Dennis Ritchie.  Just kidding, odds are the first time you heard Ritchie’s name in […]

  • In the Beginning There Was Apple

    A long, long time ago…well, maybe just in the 1970s, Apple Computer, Inc. released the Apple 1, as well as incorporating the new company. This new computer was actually the offspring of the code-named Apple Lisa project, which Steve Jobs developed after he saw the Xerox technology in action. This little computer was the first to introduce the […]

  • Apple Sells Twice as Many iPads as Expected

    On its debut weekend, Apple sold nearly twice the number of iPads analysts had expected. An estimated 700,000 300,000 iPads sold this weekend; analysts had estimated far fewer of the tablet computers would sell. Bloomberg has more: Hundreds of shoppers lined up to wait for stores to open, though crowds didn’t camp out for days […]

  • Where the Apple iPad Fits into the Business World

    It’s here! After eons of speculation, Apple’s Steve Jobs finally unveiled the iPad. Apple’s new touchscreen smartphone/laptop hybrid has a 9.7-inch screen, is half an inch thick, and weighs 1.5 lbs. It comes with WiFi, Bluetooth, and Apple’s own A4 chip. Jobs demonstrated today that his new multi-touch toy is an appealing hybrid of functionality, […]