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  • Open Jobs In America

    5.6 million jobs are available in America

    There were 5.6 million open jobs in America in December, just shy of the 5.7 million record set in July, according to Labor Department data published Tuesday. While the job openings are good news for Americans looking for a job, it also shows concern that companies are faced with a job seekers market that could leave […]

  • Job Losses

    Job cuts increased 218% in January with two big culprits

    Job cuts increased by 218% in January, led by especially large cuts in the energy and retail sectors. Career placement firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas says American employers announced 75,114 cuts in the first month of the year compared to 23,622 announced layoffs in December 2015. Macy’s and Walmart led the way as both traditional retailers […]

  • US Jobs

    US jobs market is chugging along despite global economic concerns

    US employers are continuing to hire even as global economic uncertainty dominates headlines. A Reuters survey of economists predicts that nonfarm payrolls increased by 200,000 jobs in December, only slightly down from 211,000 jobs created in November. The survey also found that unemployment rates are expected to remain at 5% or a 7-1/2-year low. A […]

  • Astronomer

    The top 10 most rare jobs in America

    If you want to do something truly unique, don’t follow someone else’s career path and instead try one of the most rare jobs in America. While some careers, like teaching, software programming, and marketing have millions of employees, some careers still employ less than 4,000 people nationwide. These careers range from the sciences to the […]

  • High-Paying Jobs

    20 high-paying jobs that actually seem fun

    It’s easy to picture high paying jobs as the career paths where you wear a suit to work every day and sit behind a desk barking orders at junior bankers, associates, and other employees. Truth be told, there are plenty of high paying jobs that are fun and even cool. Don’t get me wrong, earning […]

  • 12 Million Jobs Created

    12 Million Jobs Have Been Added Since The Recession

    The U.S. economy looks healthy again and that’s largely in part to 12 million jobs that have been added to the workforce since the recession ended in June 2009. Unemployment has fallen from a peak of 10% down to 5%, and even wages are finally starting to go up. Hiring through November remained strong, but […]

  • Caterpillar Jobs

    Caterpillar To Cut 10,000 Jobs In Restructuring Plan

    Caterpillar announced a restructuring plan on Thursday that it said could lead to around 10,000 jobs being cut from its workforce by the end of 2018. The moves come amid weakened revenue forecasts for the Peoria, Ill.-based manufacturer, which said the plan would lower its operating costs by about $1.5 billion once it is fully […]

  • Most Common Immigrant Worker Jobs In United States

    Here Are The Most Common Jobs Held By Immigrants In Each State

    The United States is a melting pot of immigrants who travel to America every year with the hopes of landing a secure job and eventually achieving the American dream. As immigrants move into each of the 50 United States the jobs they choose to specialize in vary from state to state. The American Community Survey […]

  • 10 Nasty Side Effects of the Federal Government Shutdown

    The government shutdown wreaked havoc across many industries, and for many workers. The far-reaching effects signified the gravity of the current economic and political situation in the United States, leaving many on edge even after things were up and running again. That discomfort is certainly not unfounded, as even a few days’ shutdown caused serious […]

  • 5 of the Most Competitive Jobs

    Share     Today, finding a decent job can be so difficult that it almost seems like there are no ‘most’ competitive job markets — because it’s all of them. But while finding a job in social media or accounting might feel harrowing, there are some occupations that are virtually impossible to fill. You’re more […]