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  • Bernie Sanders takes on GE and JPMorgan Chase

    Bernie Sanders says GE is ‘destroying the moral fabric’ of America

    Bernie Sanders has gone on blast against industrial giant General Electric, claiming that the company is “destroying the moral fabric” of America. “That is greed and that’s selfishness. That is lack of respect for the people of this country,” the Democratic presidential candidate told the New York Daily News editorial board late last week, according […]

  • Jamie Dimon buys lots of shares of JPMorgan Chase with his own money

    Jamie Dimon buys $26.6 million in JPMorgan stock

    JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon has put down $26.6 million of his own money to buy his bank’s recently battered shares. The purchase, disclosed in a recent company filing, shows that Dimon added 500,000 shares of JPMorgan Chase to his own portfolio and various family trusts. Dimon now controls 6.7 million shares, worth $358 million based […]

  • Chase Cardless ATM

    Chase Will Soon Let You Use Its ATMs Without A Card

    JPMorgan Chase will soon be rolling out a new card-less ATM system, allowing customers to withdraw cash from the bank’s automatic teller machines without the use of a debit card. The change will involve upgrades to existing ATMs and new machines with the card-less technology. Customers will be able to use their Chase smartphone apps […]

  • Bank of America

    US consumer banks are slashing jobs and closing branches

    Fourth quarter earnings reports from Bank of America and Citigroup show that the banks slashed nearly 20,000 jobs or approximately 4% to 4.6% of their workforce. JPMorgan Chase reported cuts of 6,700 employees. It wasn’t just employees getting the ax, banks are also closing down their least used branches. JPMorgan shut down 3.4% of its […]

  • JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon got a payraise last year

    JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon gets first pay raise in two years

    JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon got his first raise in two years in 2015, even though many shareholders had objected to his pay package. Dimon received $27 million in 2015, up 35% from the $20 million he received in both 2014 and 2013. The company’s CEO had no change in his base pay, which remained steady […]

  • Oil Prices Crashing

    Big banks are setting aside a lot of money to cover oil losses

    When America’s energy boom started big banks were more than willing to fund very expensive drilling projects. Now that the oil crisis has dropped the price per barrel below $30, big banks are preparing to feel the sting at an increasing rate. Dozens of oil companies have gone bankrupt and those that are still surviving have […]

  • JPMorgan Chase

    JPMorgan’s Q3 Fails To Deliver On Expectations

    J.P. Morgan Chase’s third-quarter revenue declined as the bank continued to fight against volatile market conditions around the world and continued low-interest rates in the United States. Shares at the firm dropped 0.6% to $61.16 after hours. The largest U.S. bank by assets reported a profit of $6.8 billion, or $1.68 a share. That compares […]

  • Jes Staley

    Barclays Plc To Name Jes Staley To CEO Role

    Barclays Plc is close to naming former top JPMorgan Chase & Co. banker Jes Staley its next chief executive officer. According to Bloomberg, “The U.K. bank told regulators he’s the frontrunner for the post, and his appointment could be announced within two weeks if approved.” Staley spent 34 years at JPMorgan, moving from the role […]

  • JPMorgan Chase CEO would pay more taxes without question

    JPMorgan Chase CEO Welcomes A Higher Tax Rate On The Rich

    Jamie Dimon, CEO of JPMorgan Chase, told NBC’s ‘Meet The Press’ that he would have no problem paying a higher tax rate. During his appearance, the billionaire, who earned $20 million last year, said, “If you said to me, ‘Would you pay 10% more?’ I would have no problem with that.” Currently, the maximum tax rate […]