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  • 4 Great Business Leadership Books for Kindle

    You’ve got your Kindle in hand. You’re ready to soak up all the business leadership knowledge your brain can handle. But you’re stumped. What should you read first? Don’t fret; we’ve got you covered. We took into consideration the “12 Business Books for 2012” list CNBC.com produced, as well as some of the historically best-selling […]

  • Amazon Releases International Version of the Kindle

    Image: Wikimedia Commons After nearly two years of selling a Kindle that only works in the US, Amazon has released an international version of the device. The $280 reader ships on October 19, according to Wired, which has the scoop: The new version, with the snappy name of “Kindle with US and International Wireless,” will […]

  • Amazon Kindle 2: A Better Take on a Good Thing

    The new Kindle 2 was released during a press conference in New York this morning. The LA Times reports: Just like Kindle 1.0, it’ll cost $359…It is .36-inch thick, 25% thinner than the iPhone. Earlier today, the Wall Street Journal broke the news that Stephen King would write a Kindle-only (for now) piece that includes […]