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  • Mark Cuban talks about Donald Trump and his seinfeld campaign

    Mark Cuban says Donald Trump is about to run a ‘Seinfeld campaign’

    Mark Cuban believes Donald Trump is about to run a “Seinfeld campaign.” The billionaire businessman sat down to speak with Fox News and he said, “It’s going to be the campaign about nothing.” During his talk with host Neil Cavuto, Cuban described how Trump will run a campaign “about nothing” much like the popular sitcom. […]

  • Mark Cuban and the stock market

    Mark Cuban Has Hedged His Stock Bets In A Huge Way

    Mark Cuban believes high-frequency trading is making it nearly impossible for anyone to make real money in the stock market. After examining the current market traders and their algorithm based strategies, Cuban says he hedged his bets and actually earned money in today’s market. In an interview with Fox Business, Mr. Cuban reveals: “In 2008 we […]