How to Deal With Rejection

Never, Ever, Ever Give Up Winston Churchill’s words of wartime will serve you well when it comes to rejection.  And if his style isn’t your speed, here’s a whole Quora thread of inspiration If you can’t deal with rejection, you can’t be an entrepreneur. On… Read More

Is Mail Dead? Not So Fast.

Assuming that email has surpassed traditional snail mail is a logical conclusion to come to- however that doesn’t necessarily make it true, 70-80% of consumer say they open almost all of their mail, and that’s including their junk mail. So what is it that keeps… Read More

10 Businesses Caught Lying

Everyone knows that marketing is a deceitful business, but most would be surprised to find out just how manipulative companies can be about their products. Whether it’s cigarettes, food, or even government employed background checks, no one can be trusted entirely; regulations and industry standards… Read More

10 Huge Branding Mistakes

Share In today’s wacky world of advertising and rampant consumerism, a company must forever be changing in order to stay cutting edge. Attention spans grow shorter everyday, no thanks to the visual rape we are incessantly faced with; a constant barrage of billboards, taxi ads,… Read More