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  • Boeing shares are sinking

    Boeing shares are plummeting as SEC launches accounting investigation

    Shares at Boeing are tanking after the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) announced that it was investigating the accounting practices at Boeing Commercial Airplanes. The investigation is in respect to the company’s 787 Dreamliner and 747 jumbo jet programs. According to Bloomberg‘s Robert Schmidt, Julie Johnson and Matt Robinson, people with knowledge of the matter said that the […]

  • JPMorgan announces horrible morning

    JPMorgan: It’s hard to imagine a worse morning

    Gold and silver are up, equities and oil are down again. The sentiment on Wall Street was aptly explained from the trading desk of JPMorgan on Thursday: “It’s hard to imagine an uglier morning.” That statement was made as S&P 500 futures were down more than 40 points, or 2.3%, and the EuroStoxx 50 index is doing […]

  • Stock Market Downturn

    Stocks tank as oil hits $30 a barrel

    The Dow dropped 250 points on Monday morning as oil prices hit the $30 a barrel price point. The tech-heavy Nasdaq sunk by 2.3% and is preparing to close at its lowest level since October 2014. The S&P 500 was also down 1.6% and off by 9.5% on the year. Wall Street is under growing […]

  • The Honest Company IPO

    Jessica Alba is taking The Honest Company public

    Jessica Alba and her incredibly popular eco-friendly retailer, The Honest Company, are going public. According to Bloomberg’s Lizette Chapman and Alex Barinka, The Honest Company is working with Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley on the deal. The Honest Company raised $70 million in 2014 and was valued at $1.7 billion after raising $100 million. Alba has done […]

  • Martin Skhreli Etrade account

    Martin Shkreli’s $45 million E*Trade account is nearly gone

    Martin Shkreli had $45 million in his E*Trade account when he secured his own bail in December 2015. That same account is now holding just $4 million, according to a federal prosecutor. The E*Trade account has fallen apart because its biggest holding was in KaloBio Pharmaceuticals, Assistant U.S. Attorney Winston Paes said. KaloBios is a small […]

  • Stock markets and investors - Lost money most of the time in January 2016

    93% of investors lost money in January

    If you played the stock market in January you probably lost money. Investment tracking app Openfolio tells CNNMoney that 93% of investors were in the red in January. The company says the stock market crash in China, a strong US dollar, and slipping oil prices, all contributed to the Dow closing down 5.5% on the […]

  • Oil Prices Fall

    Oil Prices Fall Again, Taking U.S. Shares Along For The Drop

    Global markets bounced back slightly after sharp drops last week, but still-falling oil prices kept investors uncertain about the future. Benchmark Brent crude fell $1.85 to $30.34 a barrel, a 5.75 percent drop from Friday’s close. It had fallen to a 12-year low last week, hitting $27.10 on Wednesday before recovering on Thursday and Friday. […]

  • The Search For The Financial Holy Grail

    Usually get-rich-quick plans seem a little unrealistic, and they should. It most cases, you can’t decide to participate in a financial strategy that immediately gets you a ton of money. Some people have this misconception about foreign exchange trading, and while it’s definitely possible to make money participating in forex trading, it involves a lot […]