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  • Garlic French Fries

    McDonald’s it testing garlic fries and it could go national

    McDonald’s is testing garlic fries in San Francisco and it could go national if the test market proves successful. If the new fries launch across American they will be added as a new menu item, known as “Gilroy Garlic Fries.” The company is planning to spread the test market to 250 chains in California in August. […]

  • McDonalds testing three types of Big Macs

    McDonald’s is making the biggest change ever to the Big Mac

    McDonald’s is testing some massive changes to its popular Big Mac. The chain is testing a “Grand Mac” and a “Mac Jr” that will appeal to different customers with smaller and bigger appetites. The “Grand Mac” has a third pound more beef than the regular Big Mac and, an extra slice of cheese, and a larger […]

  • McDonalds with unlimited french fries

    A McDonald’s franchise is offering unlimited french fries

    A McDonald’s franchise in St. Joseph, Missouri will be the first in the company’s history to offer unlimited french fries to dine-in customers. The new store, which will be 6,500-square-foot, has been dubbed the “McDonald’s of the future” by owners Chris and Karri Habiger. The couple own seven McDonald’s locations in total. Along with non-stop […]

  • Happy Meal Books Program

    McDonald’s is ditching toys in its Happy Meals for one week

    If you head to McDonald’s and order your kid a Happy Meal from February 9 through February 15, they will not receive a toy. That’s because the company is giving children a free book instead. Franchises in the United States will take part in the promotion. Books being given away include the following well known titles: […]

  • McDonalds Profits Soar

    McDonald’s same-store sales rise 5%

    McDonald’s Corp is finally reporting some good news. The company on Monday announced better-than-expected quarterly same-restaurant sales. The company’s downturn was temporarily halted with the help of all-day breakfasts in the United States and recovering demand in China. Global same-restaurant sales rose 5%, above the 3.2% growth expected by analysts polled by research firm Consensus Metrix. Revenue […]

  • McCafe Canada

    This McDonald’s Menu Is like Nothing You Have Ever Seen

    Kale and quinoa at a McDonald’s franchise? McDonald’s Canada is opening a new cafe that focuses on healthy alternatives to its traditional burger and fries menu. The concept restaurant, called McCafé, was named after McDonald’s coffee line. It will also serve coffee, danishes, breakfast sandwiches, croissants, and fancy desserts. “We’re putting the café in McCafé […]

  • McDonalds French Fries

    McDonald’s Is Charging $126 For A Large Fries In Venezuela

    McDonald’s is bringing back its famous fries to Venezuela but most people won’t be able to afford them. A regular order will cost approximately $79 — 500 bolivars — according to the country’s strongest exchange rate. A large fry will run 800 bolivars or $126. At Venezuela’s black-market rate, these prices would equal just $0.64 […]

  • McDonald's Sweet Potato Fries

    McDonald’s Is Testing Sweet Potato Fries At Select Restaurants

    McDonald’s is testing sweet potato fries at select locations in Amarillo, Texas. The company has setup 18 “Create Your Taste” test restaurants and the sweet potato fries are the newest addition on the menu. The “Create Your Taste” restaurants are found in select cities across the U.S. and allow customers to build their own McDonald’s […]

  • McDonalds Corporate Workers Fired

    225 McDonald’s Corporate Workers Feel The Sting Of Restructuring Layoffs

    McDonald’s is feeling the sting of Chipotle, Shake Shack, and Five Guys Burgers And Fries. The company’s old burger and fries practices feel stale and customers are looking for healthier, tastier alternatives. The company’s same-store sales are slipping and that means less corporate dollars. Because of the company’s troubles McDonald’s was forced to downsize 135 […]

  • McDonalds Table Service in the United States

    McDonald’s Is Trying Table Service In An Attempt To Turn Around Sales

    Fast food giant McDonald’s is attempting to turn around slowing sales numbers by introducing table service. The personalized service is being tested as several McDonald’s locations around the U.S. The program works by allowing customers to order food at a touchscreen kiosk and then wait at a table for their food. A McDonald’s employee grabs […]