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  • 10 Awesome Office Graffiti Murals

    It makes sense for innovative, youth-oriented brands to develop workplaces that reflect their values. After all, competition is fierce, and projecting a hip and cutting-edge image should only serve to attract and inspire similarly creative staff. Having vibrant, street art-style office murals can help on both these fronts, such is graffiti’s ability to transform bland […]

  • 10 Inspiring Vertical Gardens Growing in Offices

    Image Source Forward-thinking companies like Google and Red Bull seem to do everything they can to break the mold and enhance the working environment for their many employees. Indeed, now offices can be fun, inspiring and, in the following cases, revitalizing spaces in which to spend the business day. The addition of a lush vertical […]

  • 10 Inspirational Treehouse Offices

    Image Source Innovative office spaces seem to be becoming an increasingly popular way for companies to stimulate the creative juices of employees, as well as to establish more enjoyable – and playful – atmospheres in which to work. Moreover, perhaps one of the most unusual workspaces associated with this phenomenon is the office treehouse. Bringing […]

  • 10 Amazing Underground Offices

    Image Source Think “office building” and something pretty mundane may come to mind: a high-rise structure, for example, hosting tiny cubicle after cubicle fitted with gray, uninspiring décor – scant motivation for getting through the daily grind. However, the following ten workspaces are that little bit different: not only are they tucked away underground – […]

  • The 10 Coolest Corporate Campuses in the World

    For all of you high achievers out there, your workplace is probably the largest single place that you spend time in. While there have been some wacky theories over the years as to what type of office surroundings make more productive, when you see the perfect office, most of the times it’s obvious. From a […]