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  • Venmo IDEK

    Venmo will delay your payment if you use the popular ‘Idek’ term

    Venmo, the PayPal owned payments app, will delay your payment if you use the popular internet term, “Idek,” when sending your payment. Typically that term translates to “I don’t even know” but it also has a more nefarious meaning. The term also refers to an abbreviation for “Islami Dawat-e-Kafela,” a pseudonym that The Verge, points out is […]

  • Paypal Maternity Leave

    Paypal has doubled maternity leave for new moms

    PayPal has doubled the paid leave allowed for new moms. New moms at PayPal will have sixteen weeks of fully paid leave while fathers will get eight weeks of “paid bonding” time, a benefit PayPal previously offered only in California. The company’s previous policy gave new mothers eight weeks off with 80% pay. Paypal’s new […]

  • John Rainey Paypal CFO

    United Airlines CFO John Rainey Jumps Ship And Joins Paypal

    United Airlines has lost Chief Financial Officer John Rainey. The company’s CFO joined United three years ago, a time when United paid down its highest-interest debt and tripled its profit to $1.19 billion last quarter. Paypal Holdings Inc. and United Continental Holdings Inc. verified the move on Tuesday. Replacing John Rainey at United is Treasurer […]

  • Paypal IPO and 50 billion dollar market valuation

    Paypal Given $50 Billion Valuation Ahead Of IPO

    The highly anticipated Nasdaq debut of PayPal Holdings Inc’s IPO has given the company a market valuation of $50 billion. The company’s shares rose 5.9 percent in premarket trading on Monday. The eBay Inc spinoff is expected to expand its business offering to more directly compete with other market leaders including Stripe and Square, and […]

  • 4 Reasons Paypal Doesn’t Deserve Your Money

      Share At first glance, Paypal sounds like an amazing service; transfer your points/gold/dollars/XP from one account to another in a matter of seconds, making it just as easy to buy from eBay as it is to open a small online store. But there’s a dark side to Paypal which has been emerging more and […]

  • To PayPal or Not to PayPal?

    This is a guest post by TransFS’s Stella Fayman. PayPal is an extraordinarily powerful tool which lets business owners accept payments with ease. PayPal manages over 184 million accounts worldwide, making it the dominant force in payments acceptance. PayPal Pros 1. Pricing PayPal uses straightforward flat-rate pricing which makes it better than many merchants which […]