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  • Pfizer Drug Company

    Pfizer Is Ready To Ditch The U.S. To Avoid High Taxes

    American drug company Pfizer is preparing to “move” to Europe in an attempt to avoid high U.S. taxes. Following news of the plan the Obama administration said it wants to stop the move, but is powerless if Congress doesn’t take action. Pfizer is currently in talks with Irish drugmaker Allergan as part of a $150 billion […]

  • Pfizer and Allergan Merger

    Pfizer Is Attempting To Buy Allergan For An Undisclosed Sum

    Allergan and Pfizer Inc. are in talks for a potential merger. The company’s confirmed news of their talks on Thursday. In separate statements that used many of the same words, the company’s said they are engaged in “preliminary friendly discussions” about a potential merger. They admit that no agreement has been reached and that there […]

  • Pfizer Buys King Pharmaceuticals

    Pfizer will buy Tennessee-based painkiller maker King Pharmaceuticals for $3.6 billion. Pharmalot has more: In the latest example of how Pfizer is trying to become a Hollywood-like conglomerate, the drugmaker has agreed to pay $3.6 billion to buy King Pharmaceuticals, which sells various pain medications. Among them is a tamper-resistant form of long-acting morphine called […]

  • Pfizer Begins Post-Merger Layoffs, Consolidation

    After merging with Wyeth last year, Pfizer announced that it would cut 19,000 jobs. The first round of 6,000 job cuts was announced today, as well as plans to close plants. BusinessWeek reports: Pfizer said it has spent the past six months reviewing how to reduce the combined company’s manufacturing operations. Pfizer is trimming costs […]

  • Feds Slap Pfizer With a Record-Breaking $2.3 Billion Fine

    Pfizer has to pay the government $2.3 billion for a series of drug marketing suits, including marketing the painkiller Bextra “with intent to…mislead the public,” a felony violation of the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act. FindLaw has more: (T)he criminal charges against Pfizer come from “off-label” marketing of…Bextra, an anti-inflammatory which Pfizer yanked from the […]

  • Pfizer Buys Wyeth in $68 Billion Deal

    Pfizer is under contract to purchase Wyeth for $68 billion. CNN Money reports: Pfizer announced Monday that it has signed a deal to acquire the smaller drugmaker Wyeth for $68 billion, and thousands of job cuts will follow. New York-based Pfizer, already the world’s leading drugmaker, becomes even larger following the cash-and-stock deal with Wyeth, […]