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  • Donald Trump

    Donald Trump’s lead continues to grow with 30 point advantage

    A new CNN poll of Republican primary voters has found that Donald Trump is now holding his biggest lead yet. The poll was released a day ahead of the Super Tuesday presidential primaries and caucuses that Trump looks ready to dominate. Trump has managed to gain support from 49% of Republican and Republican-leaning voters nationally, according to […]

  • Meg Whitman attacks Chris Christie

    HP CEO Meg Whitman says Donald Trump is ‘unfit’ to be president

    Hewlett-Packard CEO Meg Whitman backed Chris Christie during his failed attempt to become the GOP Presidential candidate, but she won’t follow him in his decision to endorse Donald Trump. In a strongly-worded statement on Sunday, Whitman blasted the New Jersey governor for endorsing Trump. Whitman said Trump is “unfit” to be president. “Chris Christie’s endorsement […]

  • Donald Trump taxes

    Donald Trump won’t release tax returns because of audits

    GOP Presidential hopeful Donald Trump says he can’t release his tax returns because he is currently being audited by the IRS. “I’m being audited now for two or three years, so I can’t do it [release returns] until the audit is finished, obviously. And I think people would understand that,” Trump said during Thursday night’s […]

  • Obamacare enrollment numbers

    12.7 million Americans signed up for Obamacare during 2016 open enrollment

    The Obama administration was hoping for 10 million signups, instead, 12.7 million Americans joined Obamacare during the 2016 open enrollment period. Many analysts saw the 10 million mark as too modest, but none the less, the administration celebrated an even higher number of expected new signups. “The marketplace is growing and getting stronger and the […]

  • Trans-Pacific Pact

    The Trans-Pacific Partnership has been signed

    Ministers from a dozen countries finalized the Trans-Pacific Partnership on Wednesday night as groups of protesters blocked major intersections in Auckland, New Zealand. The Trans-Pacific Partnership, or TPP, was finalized following a final agreement reached by negotiators in October. Under terms of the TPP, a free trade zone now exists among 12 Pacific nations that together account for […]

  • Bernie Sanders

    Bernie Sanders raised $3 million the day after Iowa caucuses

    A virtual tie with Hillary Clinton at the Iowa caucuses (she won a few coin flips) helped Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders secure a quick $3 million in additional funds. An aide for Sanders’ campaign said Tuesday that they raised $3 million in the 24 hours following the closely watched caucus results. “It’s been our best day ever,” […]

  • Flint Michigan Water Supply

    The FBI is now investigating the water crisis in Flint, Michigan

    The FBI is now taking part in the US investigation into Flint, Michigan’s water contamination crisis, a spokeswoman revealed on Tuesday. Gina Balaya, a spokeswoman for the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Detroit, said in an email that federal prosecutors in Michigan are “working with a multi-agency investigation team on the Flint water contamination matter, including […]

  • Hillary Clinton raised over 100 million dollars

    Hillary Clinton raised $112 million in 2015

    US Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton raised $112 million in 2015. Her campaign reports earning $55 million in the last three months of the year. The 68-year-old politician appears to have the best-funded campaign treasury in the race for the November 2016 US presidential elections. “At the beginning of this campaign, Hillary Clinton set a […]